• MVC-F60H MVC-F60H

Standard Plate Compactor with Rugged Double Compaction Baseplate

●Rugged double compaction baseplate design.
●VAS handle to reduce hand-arm vibration(option).
●Water tank to shut out dust(11L, option).
●Single-point lifting hooks for easy loading and unloading.
●Cart of standard type/revolving type(option).



special ductile compaction base plate
rugged double compaction baseplate design
self lubricated vibrator system : Patented
VAS handle 〇(option)
folding handle
long handle
lifting hook
water tank 〇(11L, option)
rubber mat
cart 〇(standard/revolving, option)
Mikasa carry 〇(option)


A 925
B 580
C 865
plate size
D 510
E 350
weight(kg) 65
vibrating frequency(Hz/v.p.m) 93(5,600)
centrifugal force(max)(kN/kgf) 10.1(1,030)
max.traveling speed(m/min) 25 gradeability(%/) 35
power source model GX120
brand Honda
max.output 2.4kW/3.3PS



Special Ductile Compaction Base Plate

The base plate made by special ductile realizes significant high durability.
Design for Low center of gravity and Increasing the thickness of back part.

Rugged double compaction baseplate design

The back part of the compaction baseplate where wear is most prominent is a double baseplate design to deliver better durability when patching road surfaces or for other kinds of construction work.

Self lubricated vibrator system(Patented)

The vibrator which supplies oil in a vibrator case by using the rotation of an eccentric rotator gives a proper lubricating action to the bearings and makes the vibrator more durable.

VAS Handle

Vibration Absorbing System Handle to reduce hand-arm vibration.

Lifting Hook

The lifting hook is equipped as standard and makes loading and unloading the compactor easily.